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Bach Flower Cards in English

Bach Flower Cards in English

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Bach Flower Cards in English - By Graça Fialho Boaventura

Complete set of 40 cards with images and texts about the Bach Flowers Essences. Follows a card with instructions for use. Printed on white paper 300 grams, size of card (length x width) 10x15cm. Laminated bright. 

- Consult value of postal charges
- Mode sending: Registered Mail with tracking code information to the buyer.
* The risk of sending is of the buyer. 
* Weight: 280 grams
* Envelope size (length x width): 21 x 15 cm
DELIVERY TIME (estimate)

- North America: 7-15 days
- Central America: 9-15 days
- South America: 7-12 days
- Europe: 7-15 days
- Asia: 14-22 days
- Oceania - 9-16 days 
- Africa: 8-15 days


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